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What is the GLA:D Program?

The GLA:D Canada program is an education and exercise program for those with stiff or painful knees and hips or those with knee or hip osteoarthritis.  It involves 2 education sessions and 12 neuromuscular exercise sessions (1 hour -  2x per week).  The goal of the program is to reduce your symptoms so that you can do the things you want to do.  Research has shown that GLA:D participants report less pain, reduced use of pain killers, fewer individual sick leaves and being more physically active.  

During the education sessions participants will learn:

  • What is osteoarthritis, risk factors and symptoms
  • Current available treatments for osteoarthritis
  • How to self-manage your symptoms
  • Why and how exercise can help your osteoarthritis
  • How to cope with the difficulties of daily activities associated with osteoarthritis

During the exercise sessions participants will learn:

  • How to control your movements and proper posture
  • How to build muscular strength through functional exercise
  • How to apply these exercises to everyday activities.

At Ortho PT, the GLA:D program is lead by our physiotherapist who has been certified with GLA:D Program Canada. 

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